Melanie McClintock

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“Thing-power perhaps has the rhetorical advantage of calling to mind a childhood sense of the world as filled with all sorts of animate beings, some human, some not, some organic, some not.” (J. Bennett, 2010)

Color Lab Exhibition
VCUQatar Gallery, Doha, Qatar

Exhibiting Artist
with Liz Nielsen and Vanessa Donoso Lopez  

Point of Origin
Collection of ‘landscapes’ that explore the shifting face of color through chromatographic journeys in which pigments of provenance are sourced and apportioned to denote a sense of place. The palette of 32 pigments were extracted from local surroundings, personal travels, and the gifts of friends.  Each material was reduced, ground to dust, and mixed with binders to create unique palettes:  a world within a world. 

“[Color Lab] is about the depths of color: its materiality, the way it moves, the way it reacts to light, and ultimately, the special places where  science and art meld.”  

Photos courtesy of VCUQatar