Melanie McClintock

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“Thing-power perhaps has the rhetorical advantage of calling to mind a childhood sense of the world as filled with all sorts of animate beings, some human, some not, some organic, some not.” (J. Bennett, 2010)

Trend Forecasting and Future Scenario Planning
Sponsored Project:  The Oakwood Group
Trend analysis, CMF strategy, digital patterns

The Future of Sound:  XL
“The sound source has evolved from: AM Radio / FM Radio / FM Stereo / 8-Track Tapes / Cassette Tapes / CD / to Satellite Radio and Digital MP3 and AAC files. In parallel with these advances, multi-speaker sound systems with dedicated amplification and the addition of subwoofers, drastically changed the landscape of what was possible for mobile audio applications. Current digital sound processing with surround-sound applications push the envelope even further and directly reflect contemporary home theater performance.”